Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm *really* bad at blogging aren't I?

Two and a half years between first and second posts - I'm not good at this am I? However it's a new year and I want to post regularly so I'm going to join the 2012 WIPopcalypse in a few minutes. That should motivate me to not only post here but also to actually work on the many stitching projects I want to finish. I don't have pictures yet, but here are the projects I currently have on the go that I'd really like to make some progress on:

"Shadows" from Nine Lives by Graphique Needle Arts
Heirloom Baby Sampler by Heart in Hand
Snips and Snails by Serendipity Designs
Sugar and Spice by Serendipity Designs
God Bless the Moon by Marie Barber
Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohns
Nature's Bounty by Maria Kelly
Spring Planting by Serendipity Designs
Main Street by Ann Taylor Nelson Designs
99 by Ink Circles
Elegance by Serendipity Designs
Parfum by Serendipity Designs
Washing Up by Serendipity Designs
Jane Austen's House by M. Yvonne Iley
Selkirk Grace by Textile Heritage
Sweeter Love by Plum Street Samplers
Sunshine and Shadows by Barbara & Cheryl
Spring Queen by Mirabilia

In addition (like I need any more!) there is a set of Christmas ornaments I've been "working" on, a wedding sampler to design and stitch for my sister (who has been married for several months but understands how these things work) and several small projects waiting for finishing.

I've also got several knitting projects I won't enumerate but the only one I really want to get done is a cabled cardigan for my Dad's birthday. He's a New Year's Eve baby so I've got eleven and a half months.

I'll post pictures next time so there will be a record of my progress. Now back to the hat that needs to be done!

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