Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ok, I'm still really bad at blogging! Good intentions and all that.

I finally picked up my wee needle again this week and it felt really good to be working on stitching again. The last time I set a stitch was probably early September and I've missed it. On Saturday, I put a name on my sister's wedding sampler. A name! Four whole letters. For my sister who got married more than two years ago. What was I thinking to do this thing on 40-count linen with all the personalization done over one? I must have been suffering from temporary insanity. The pattern is 'Join Your Hands II' by Lila's Studio, and everything is done except the personalization. I love the look of her patterns, but the charting is somewhat lacking. Did you notice the heart with the couple's names? That heart is divided over four pattern pages - that's right, four! The chart also has some errors that should have been fixed before it was printed. I found myself several times with the model picture an inch from my nose to figure out what should be going on because the chart didn't make sense. There are only two colors, so it really wasn't too bad.

After I put the name on the wedding sampler, I worked for a bit on 'Petite Rainbow Row' by Barbara and Cheryl. I like to have some projects that don't require obsessive hand-washing, although I tend to do it anyway whatever I'm stitching. This one is not done in red overdyes so it's a little more relaxing!

More progress has been made on the not-so-wee needles. Knitting tends to get worked on more often because it's so portable. If I have a few minutes, out comes one of the three projects stashed in my purse and away I go! This week, I mostly made progress on my Tilting TARDIS cowl in honor of the up-coming 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I also started a Beaded Rib Headband for my sister. (I only have the one and I make a lot of stuff for her. Or at least I start a lot of stuff. Whatever.) The headband should be finished in a few days, especially as I want to get it to her for her birthday.

Of course, more progress would have been made in needlecrafting if I hadn't been focusing on doing well on the GRE. I decided to go back to school (again) and despite knowing that the GRE really only measures how well you take the GRE, I still wanted to do well. Without revealing too many details, I did do well, yay! Now the applications need to get done. Statement of purpose, here I come.

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